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Yeguada Iberica - Foundation Stallions


Granero IV


PRE Stallion. 1.68m (16.2hh)  23.5mm (9.25”) bone. Graded (APTO) and Registered with the Jefatura de Cria Caballar number 190101001810444.

From mostly Bocado (Terry) bloodlines.


Granero is entered in the L.I.M.P.R.E. Book of Merits.


During each of the 6 years Granero spent in the UK he was the National PRE Progeny Champion - 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003. He was also the 2003 PRE National Performance Award winner.


Granero's progeny contributed to Yeguada Iberica being presented with the UK's Best Stud and Best Breeder award (Mejor Ganaderia) by the Jefatura de Cria Caballar in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 & 2003. In late 2003 Yeguada iberica returned to Spain.

Granero produced countless National Champions during his 6 years in the UK, including Supreme Champion (joint) and Supreme Champion Male Spanish Horse 2000, Reserve National Champion Movement 2000, 2001 & 2002 and numerous National Youngstock Champions.


Granero will go down in history by producing Octavio III, the first ever ‘Calificado’ graded PRE born in the UK (No. 0202).


He has performed for over 17 years in Spain and the UK, enrapturing audiences with his high school work, ridden, in hand and on the long rein. His temperament, work morale and ability are legendary.


Riding Granero, Richard performed the first Cobra of mares (or lote de yeguas) in the UK while riding a stallion.


Granero proved without doubt that his exceptional movement, conformation, ability and temperament are passed on through his progeny by the fact that the majority have themselves become Champions.


Granero IV comes from a long line of exceptional Alta Escuela performance horses and his younger brothers and relatives regularly open the 'Spectacular' at ANCCE's SICAB exhibition in Sevilla each year.


By: Zalamero VI

Out of: Briosa XVIII


Article about Granero IV 

First published by the British Association for the Purebred Spanish Horse (BAPSH)


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Bay PRE Stallion. 1.60m (15.3hh) 22.3mm (8.75") Bone. Graded (APTO) and Registered with the Jefatura de Cria Caballar


Malabar is the son of Spain's Supreme National Champion Orfebre. He is out of Australia.


Military and Bocado (Terry) lines. Graded (APTO), Registered with the Jefatura de Cria Caballar:


Malabar has a huge 'presence' combined with a gentle temperament.


Spain's Pura Raza Magazine (No 16) stated:

“. . . An excellent bay horse that originates from the most select genetic lines of the Yeguada Militar, through his ancestor, the famous Supreme Champion Orfebre . . .”


Malabar was National Champion veteran stallion BAPSH National Breed Show Championships 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2002

National Supreme male movement champion 2001

Reserve Champion Ridden Horse 2001 & 2002

2nd overall at the 1998 Royal Windsor Horse Show, Gucci International event (all breeds).

Winner of countless movement competitions and sire of Champions in UK and Spain; includes: Supreme Champion Partbred 1998, 2003, 2004, National Champion Purebred Foal 1999, Reserve Youngstock Champion 2000, Partbred Performance Champion 2000, 2004


Malabar competes successfully in dressage (both saddles), High School demonstrations in Spain and UK ridden, in-hand and on the long rein. He also drives in singles and pairs.


D. Luis Rivero Merry, President of the Driving Association of Spain had printed in Spain's national driving magazine:


   “ . . Malabar and Kan VIII are the most

         successful driven pair of PRE’s in the UK of

        this (20th) century”


(Kan VIII, half brother to Malabar, is also a Yeguada Iberica stallion).


Malabar passes on his movement, presence and great work morale through his many successful and National Championship winning offspring.


Today he is still working, at Yeguada Iberica' stud and riding centre (Viva Iberica) in Tobarra, Spain.






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Probably the most photographed PRE in Spain, promoting the Spanish horse worldwide.


Featured on posters, Spanish calendars (ANCCE 2001 & 2003), bronzes, book covers and articles throughout the world. His photographs define the PRE in books depicting the horse breeds of the world.


Included in Juan Llamas's book

"This is the Spanish Horse".


Nalon III


PRE stallion, highly graded (APTO), similar to his sire Granero IV. From mostly Bocado (Terry) bloodlines.

1.62m (16hh). Registered with the Jefatura de Cria Caballar/ANCCE.


Nalon is entered in the L.I.M.P.R.E. Book of Merits.


His dam was a well known and brilliant Rejoneo horse.


Nalon has good bone, excellent conformation, huge work morale and is an exceptional horse to ride, work in hand, on the long rein, or drive.


Today he is still working, at Yeguada Iberica' stud and riding centre (Viva Iberica) in Tobarra, Spain and helps teach riders lateral work, flying changes, piaffe and Spanish walk. He also gives spectacular displays in driving, work in hand and on the long rein.


He is passing his temperament, work morale and abilities on through his youngstock.


By: Granero IV

Out of: Cantinera XIII

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Octavio III 


Purebred Spanish grey stallion. 16.2hh (1.68m)


Calificado Graded (APTO) and Registered with the Jefatura de Cria Caballar/ANCCE.


Octavio III, bred by Yeguada Iberica, by Granero IV out of Oretana III was registered in Spain as the 212th PRE to pass this highest of qualifications.


Before passing Calificado, Octavio was originally graded in Murcia, Spain, with the highest score for any PRE of either sex in the last 20 years. He is currently one of the highest graded PRE's in Spain.


Octavio is a supreme example of what the PRE breed should represent with all its best qualities of conformation, sensible workman-like temperament, work morale and ability. His movement is outstanding.


He lives at Yeguada Iberica, in southern Castilla La Mancha and works most days, either giving classical riding lessons or taking clients out in the country, where his superb temperament and physical abilities excel.


Octavio is passing on his qualities through his youngstock and his services are sought after by quality studs in Spain, producing regional champions.


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Some of Yeguada Iberica's Dams

Oretana III

                                                                        Oretana II was born on 10 February 1984 at the stud of Solera Bravo SL in Badajoz. Imported into England in 1992? By Yeguada Iberica.


During the years she was in England Oretana was often a fixture at the BAPSH National Championship Breed Shows. She was highly placed in each morphological class she entered and often won best movement in class, in 2001 she was awarded overall best female movement – not a bad achievement for a 17 year old.


At Breed Shows and in demonstrations and exhibitions all over the country Oretana was part of the Cobra team displayed by Yeguada Iberica, in fact her trio were the first Cobra to be shown to the British public and brought a lot of attention to the breed wherever they were shown.


Her greatest achievements however came with the offspring she produced, and together with the stallion Granero IV she produced six exceptional colts which today are proving their potential, ridden as well as in the showring: Oreon 1, Octavio III, Otan III, Oloroso XIX, Oceano XI and Opus VI. Two of her fillies, Seductora and Encantadora again enjoyed a great deal of success in the showring before becoming broodmares themselves and their offspring are competing regularly in both the UK and Spain.


In 2004 a photograph of Oretana with a 3 day old Octavio III was used as the front cover of the ANCCE Book of Breeders, as an example of the PRE worldwide and in the same year the same photograph (taken by Rafael Lemos) was chosen for the ‘collector’s calendar’ issued by Zotal. Both being a compliment as Oretana was chosen to represent the PRE in a worldwide context.


Although now in retirement in Spain Oretana III still attracts a lot of attention from visitors to the stud and her looks and movement belie her 28 years.


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Yeguada Iberica's Oretana III

and foal Octavio III

on the front cover of ANCCE's

world book of PRE studs


(Photograph by Rafael Lemos)



Campera XXXIII


An elegant bay mare, bred by Nobleza del Guadiana S.A., Badajoz.


Highly graded and registered in the Spanish State Studbook No: 190101002113637


She has won her class in many genealogy and movement competitions in Spain and in the UK and has a good straight movement.


A gentle mare, uncomplicated and a joy to ride. She passes these attributes on to her offspring, producing some outstanding stock, notably the dark bay filly Cadencia and the chestnut filly Chispa.


By: Panadero XVII

Out of: Lucera XV


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Chistera II


Youngstock Champion in Eastern Spain (Valencia) as a 3 year old. When taken to England she was a PRE Supreme Champion and winner of numerous movement awards.


Chistera is a superb example of the original Terry (Bocado) type, with her semi-convex profile, good bone, short coupled and straight but ‘elastic’ movement.


She is also a talented, gentle and generous riding horse with tremendous work moral, which she passes on through her youngstock.


Chistera is included in the LIMPRE Book of Merits.


By: Bravio XI 1976

Out of: Nurse



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Chistera II - with filly Chula (4 months)

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