Castilla La Mancha


We can usually tailor 'tours' to your preferences, time and daylight allowing.


We can typically include:

  • Visits to castles and other historic buildings

  • Visits to special geological sites

  • Trips into the country to enjoy spectacular views

  • Wine routes

  • Visit a working bull ranch




Within our Province of Albacete, in the Comunidad of Castilla La Mancha, there are 7 historic castles and more than 17 ancient fortified buildings.


Castillo de Alcalá del Jucar

Castillo de Carcelén

Castillo de Chinchilla de Montearagón

Castillo de Almansa

Castillo de Caudete

Castillo de Yeste

Castillo de Nerpio

And close by are many more castles, such as the Castillo de Jumilla, Castillo Fortaleza de Moratalla and more . . .


                 Castillo de Almansa

                  Castillo de Yeste

                                                                            Castillo de Alcalá del Jucar






Archaeological Sites


In Southern Castilla La Mancha and the neighbouring Province of Murcia have been found some of the most important archaeological sites in Europe, from early Neolithic to more recent Visigoth.


There are many cave art sites from the three ancient styles ranging over several thousand years of cave painting and these can be visited along with a number of informative modern museum and exhibition sites.


Near to Tobarra and Hellin there is the Tolmo de Minetada, a table-top mountain with the remains of a well preserved Visigoth town.






Rivers, mountains and lakes


Close by are the rivers Mundo and Segura. Many lakes, reservoirs, gorges, national parks, nature reserves, bird and wildlife sanctuaries, the mountain areas of the Sierra del Segura and Sierra de Alcaraz and the windmills of La Mancha and Don Quixote.

























Wine Routes


Just 40km (25 miles) from the riding centre is Jumilla, or 'Denomination', centre for the wine grown in our region, where wine enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the culture, tradition and customs of a wine growing region.