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Sue Lust

  • English & Spanish speaking. Sue has years of experience with the Spanish horse, training, riding and teaching.

  • She has an affinity with nervous and less experienced riders, being able to convey instructions and assistance in a way that is appreciated and easily understood.

  • She has worked as a judge of the Spanish horse after intensive training in Spain and worked on the Committee of the British Society for the Purebred Spanish Horse (BAPSH), until she left the UK to relocate in Spain.

  • Sue has competed successfully, in both saddles, and attracted many followers to the Spanish horse through exhibition work, especially with her PRE stallion Malabar.

  • Sue has also gained success at National level in driving competitions with Yeguada Iberica's PRE stallions.

  • Sue holds both British and Spanish Red Cross first aid certificates.

Richard Lust

  • English & Spanish speaking. Richard is an official delegate for the Asociación Nacional de Doma Vaquera (Spanish National Doma Vaquera Association) and founded the first Doma Vaquera Association in the UK, being the only officially recognised Doma Vaquera instructor when living in England.

  • Richard assisted with the formulation of the European Working Equitation regulations when this was a ‘new’ sport and has taken part in Doma Vaquera, acoso y derribo and performed riding, handling and driving displays for many years, including Alta Escuela, ridden, in hand and on the long rein.

  • He introduced the first Cobra of Mares (lote de yeguas) to the UK and his show demonstrations sometimes included performing with a Cobra of 3 to 5 mares while riding one of his Purebred Spanish stallions.

  • Richard is an advocate of classical riding methods, is included in the CRC Trainers Directory and has worked in support of the Classical Riding Club in the UK.

  • With Sue, his wife, Richard produced a driven pair of stallions that achieved 2nd place at Royal Windsor and were acclaimed by the Driving Association of Spain as ‘the most successful pair of PRE (Purebred Spanish) driving horses of the 20th century in the UK’.

  • Richard’s experience leading rides includes taking novice to experienced riders across Exmoor, in the UK (with BHS AI and Riding and Road Safety certificates). In Spain he currently assists organising and taking part in long distance rides. He also regularly takes part in fighting bull round-ups in the mountains and countryside of southern Castilla La Mancha and northern Andalucía.

  • Reproduced with the permission of Anne Wilson, author of the book 'Top Horse Training Methods Explored':          " . . . I find that Doma Vaquera can be absolutely breathtaking in its own way when well ridden. Many times I have stood in wonder at the skill of Richard Lust. He merely appears to think sideways and the horse goes that way. There are often no visible leg or rein aids. When ridden correctly in this way, the horses are certainly not receiving any jabs or discomfort from the aids, this is a lot more than can be said for many Grand Prix dressage riders, not to mention polo riders, show jumpers, or indeed riders in any field!"



        Both Richard and Sue have completed intensive training courses in Spain for judging the Purebred Spanish Horse

        (Andalusian) and in 1999 were awarded Certificates for Judging the PRE following testing at Cartagena under the

        instruction of Juan Llamas and Javier García Romero (Real Escuela Andaluza del Arte Ecuestre).


        Richard & Sue also run Yeguada Iberica, which was the UK’s largest and most successful Purebred Spanish Horse

        (PRE/Andalusian) stud until they relocated to Spain in 2003. They will go down in history as breeding the UK’s first

        ever Purebred Spanish Horse to be awarded ‘Calificado’ grading status (Octavio III - a stallion of exceptional 

        quality who is working at their riding centre in Spain today).


        While in the UK Yeguada Iberica were awarded the Mejor Ganaderia (National Best Stud / Best Breeder) for the

        Purebred Spanish Horse trophy by the Jefatura de Cria Caballar (FESCCR), who hold the Spanish State Studbook

        in 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003. Their stallion Granero IV (sire of Octavio III) was also judged by the Cria Caballar as

        the National Progeny Champion for 6 consecutive years - every year he was in the UK, from 1998 to 2003. Maybe

        this would have continued, but Yeguada Iberica, Richard and Sue, relocated to Spain in November 2003.


        Note: When we refer to Purebred Spanish Horses please note that some people also use the correct abbreviation

        PRE.  Some still call these horses Andalusians but beware these may not necessarily be registered PREs.

Last updated 19/07/2013