Activities for non-riders


Tours of the Region

  • Option F gives you time to do any of the activities described below, then in the afternoons enjoy the Tours in southern Castilla la Mancha and into northern Andalucía.

  • Or simply relax with the options below on holiday Option G


  • Hundreds of kilometres of ancient tracks and paths, accessible directly from the riding centre. Walk through pine woods, vineyards, apricot and almond groves, along ancient river beds, or enjoy views over huge landscapes. Fit walking enthusiasts can explore the range of low mountains within a half hour walk to the east of the centre. The centre also backs on to a protected nature reserve.

Bird watching

  • The area is a bird watcher’s paradise. Short-toed and Benelli's eagles (also Golden Eagles fly over occasionally), hoopoe, bee-eaters, golden oriole, owls, egrets, warblers, swallows, martins, swifts, terns, black kite, avocet, flycatchers, wheatears, gold crests, woodpeckers, stilts, herons and other water birds (on the protected ponds of the adjacent nature reserve). The birds of prey include an occasional pair of eagles who circle the centre eyeing our chickens!

  • Note: We spotted a pair of European Imperial Eagles circling above our farm - a very rare sight considering there are apparently only around 200 breeding pairs left and in danger of becoming extinct.

  • In November thousands of Cranes migrate to the lakes just north west of the Centre and you see them circling and calling to each other before spiralling skywards in 'V' formation.


Our Area is rich in history


Tobarra also hosts one of the biggest series of Easter parades in Europe.




Visiting the market town of Hellin

  • Morning street market (Wednesday). Bowling alley, fitness centre, modern shopping centre, nightclubs and all the facilities of a thriving town.

Or just relax at the centre

  • Watch any riders working in the school, enjoy the views from one of our terraces, browse through our equine book store, or simply relax at the bar.

  • Day visitors . . . Prices (See 'non-riders', guided walks etc).

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