We are a centre for 'Classical Dressage' and offer the opportunity to ride well schooled Purebred Spanish (Andalusian) and Portuguese (Lusitano) horses. Our aim is to ensure riders achieve the clearest understanding of classical methods.


We tailor as best we can lessons and courses according to your interests and needs, taking the objects of each rider into account, and our goal is to teach in an easily understood way the classical methods that have stood the test of time, with no gimmicks or techno-speak. Age or standard is not so important although these courses do not suit beginners. Naturally, riders who already have some experience and a reasonable riding ability can benefit the most.


Some of our more advanced horses are extremely sensitive and responsive, enabling the rider to refine the use of their position, seat and aids, feeling an instant response from the horse, as well as cadence, collection, freedom of movement and lateral work. In fact our horses can often teach you more than our instructors!


Instruction may be given on a one-to-one basis. As this is a more intensive course where full attention is given to the rider through individual instruction, fully inclusive 'classical riding' holidays are limited to a maximum of 4 persons.


Classical Riding tuition in the school can be taken as a supplement to our fully inclusive holiday Options:

  B - Half day riding in the country + half day in the school.,

  D - Half day in the school + Tours of the region.

  E - Riding in the school, morning and afternoon.