last updated 19 Jul 2013

Your hotel provides a ‘Continental Breakfast’.

Lunches and dinners taken in restaurants or at the Centre provide a choice of traditional Spanish cuisine (and we cater for vegetarians) that typically could include a choice of various meats (typically chicken, beef, lamb, pork, pancetta, partridge) or fish (typically hake, see bream, swordfish, calamari, squid, cuttlefish, prawn) dishes, pastas or rice dishes, Gazpachos Manchego, Gazpacho Andaluz (in season), soups, stews, cold meats and cheeses, Russian salads, excellent fresh salads and locally baked bread, fresh fruits of the season, ice cream or traditional Spanish sweets (flan, Pan de Calatrava, cheese cakes, chocolate puddings, etc). Vegetarian dishes. (Menu choices should suit the adventurous as well as the non-adventurous (there are also pizza and Chinese restaurants in Hellin, near to the hotels!).

We provide drinks with lunchtime and evening meals and you would typically choose from wine, water, beer, coke, fruit juices, lemonade.


If eating at local restaurants your guide will assist if you need help with menu translations or explanations.


The centre is situated in a wine, olive, almond, fruit (apricots, peaches, fig, pears, melons, pomegranate, persimmon, quince, cherries, strawberries, avocados) area and next to one of Europe's most fertile vegetable growing areas; suppliers to many of the European markets (and UK supermarkets). Oranges, lemon and limes are also grown nearby.


Local tap water is good, clean and healthy to drink, although we provide bottled water at meals and bottled water is also available at the centre and in all restaurants and bars.


Remember - Your holiday includes breakfast, mid-day meals (except on your 'free' Wednesday morning on 7 night holidays) including drinks (wine, beer, water, soft drinks etc) and evening meals with drinks and we absolutely guarantee you will not leave hungry !


Any other items purchased at the hotel and booked to your room, i.e. mini-bar, hotel bar and Wednesday lunch, are your responsibility and must be paid for before checking out.